About Us

AGF, Contributor to Sustainable Development…

AGF is an NGO registered on June 21, 2013 with a vision to be known as a reputable & caring organization that endeavors to make a significant contribution to the sustainable development & upliftment of the society.

AGF is governed by a Board of Trustees & led by its Managing Trustee, Mrs. Tripti Arya, who is passionate in implementing forward thinking & sustainable strategies to empower the local communities with a focus on various aspects of community development and upliftment.

AGF is the CSR partner of Arya Iron & Steel Co. Pvt. Ltd. (AISCO) in Barbil, Odisha.

Under the able guidance of Mrs. Tripti Arya, AGF has adopted an outcomes-based approach to develop & uplift the quality of life within the surrounding region. Programs designed at AGF are practical in nature and adapted to meet the needs of the community. AGF has actively worked with rural community-based organizations and communities & successfully conducted skill development programs for youth, women, schools, cooperatives and income generating training.

Major CSR initiatives by AGF over the last few years are:

Kindly visit the DIMENSIONS section for more details on our CSR activities.

In furtherance to the objectives of AGF, Mrs. Tripti Arya has designed a range of programs for various innovative applications.

A quite innovative application is the Barbil Art Project, an artistic platform with an ideology to uplift the local art culture where renowned artists & student volunteers from different parts of the country come to Barbil for a residency workshop; interact with the local community, understand the culture, & exhibit the skills and creations. BAP has seen three successful seasons.

We are now working on a new initiative BHRAMARA FESTIVAL, a live show of Indian Classical Dances to attract the younger crowd in a more interactive & accessible way. Through this communicative show the younger crowd will be able to connect their mind, body & soul to classical dances & understand the discipline, patience & etiquettes which becomes the way of life.

We welcome those who share our dream to come support us in our endeavors.